Honest Intentions

by Alta View

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letzgetzesty enjoying this offering, stumbled on to it by accident and was instantly hooked. great pop punk offering. Favorite track: Rooftop.
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released September 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Alta View Los Angeles, California

Out Of Place (EP)
*Coming Soon*

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Track Name: Rooftop
Say what you want of me
about my tendencies
and how I don't live inside
your reality
you don't realize how hard you’re grasping something
until you let it go and see the mark you left

I'm choking like I need a lesson in breathing
and where the rope ends you'll find me trapped and panicking
(So I'll say)
why do you talk way up on your roof top
where I can't hear my name
what is something that you won't say baby

I owe it to guys like Dan to get up and actually try
instead of waste away the days wishing my passion would die
this wave never rode so smooth
when I had nothing to lose

I'm a third string starter
just here to do my job
and no amount of doubters
could ever write these songs
do you know what it's like watching everything just pass you by
in your pathetic life
Track Name: Fair Weather
Does it make you uncomfortable
that I never gave up on myself
did you find it easy to settle inside that broken house
in your lonely town
just like everyone else
you're getting used to the fact that
your life is on the shelf

I've heard ignorance is bliss and though it's true I'm glad I am aware
of the things that you were blind to, you're blind to

I always wanted your attention
but now I know that you're the problem
fair weather friends love to make their rounds
but when I talked about my dreams
they were nowhere to be found
nice to know who you really are
kept my ear to the ground, now I'm calling you out

I've heard ignorance is bliss and though it's true I'm glad I am aware
of the things that you were blind to, you're blind to
so don't say you believed in me
when I know you wanted me to fail
keep rooting against me
and I'll keep doing things you never will

Act like you never knew me
cause I'm forgetting your name
I'm making something of myself
and I know that drives you insane

I never thought I'd have the nerve to say this
but look at me now
thanks for letting me down

I slaved for what I wanted
while you brushed me off
now that I've sweat it out and earned my place
you claim you always had my back hiding your second face
am I convenient for you now
that I stand out in your crowd
I never changed through all your treason
so don't say you miss me
cause you don't have a reason
Track Name: Short Leash
If the past two months have taught me anything
it's to never wait for good luck
though I've rolled with the punches
resilience is nothing when up against failures from my mistakes

I don't wanna feel responsible
in a world that wasn't made for me at all, at all

Security makes me restless
being away makes miss what's at home
should I feel guilty for being this selfish
when I know you have less time to loan (I'm gone)
now I can see through clearing sky's
(right through this, right through this)
but I'm not there yet

This twelve hour drive still isn't far enough to put behind
everything I thought I knew
when I thought I could make you proud of me too
I was so naive never listened to what was true
maybe someday I'll grow up, I just don't want to

You'd think something's out to get me (get me)
cause I can't get through one week
used to think I could do anything (anything)
now I can't get on my feet

I didn't know (I didn't know)
it was so cut throat (cut throat)
I didn't know
I’d go this crazy on my own
I didn't know
Track Name: Over the Bridge
I'm not proud of what I am, I'm proud of what I can be
do you respect yourself thriving off those you call lucky

I should’ve went home when I could
I let you get close, never thought you would
I swear I'll understand this, what's out of reach
constantly forgetting what you made up all along

I'm not proud of what I am, I'm proud of what I can be
do you respect yourself thriving off those you call lucky
designed to drain us and keep us in line
your routine is evidence of your failures in life

Just another lost boy in your head
so go on and make your bed
there's no one you wouldn't lie to, you'd love to
drown in the next drink he buys you I promise
he's not listening
though you claim that your honest intentions are making this right
of course he agrees so you'll swallow the lies

Don't ever tell me I got stuck on this
just because I didn't smile doesn't mean I'm upset
I'm over the bridge, just not eager to feel it

You think you're entitled to
your brand new mistakes and your latest excuse
you're invincible for now
I'm counting on the day that you're all burnt out
you're ugly when you're proud
but I know there'll be a day where you tell someone you hate me
Track Name: Canary
Inside that cage
not satisfied
with the view through the bars that is blocking the earth
my movement is desperate and that makes it worse
I don't wanna be here
I just wanna be anywhere

If you think that it's alright
and there's nothing more
I'll keep you locked up in a room
slip you pictures of the sky beneath your door
don't get me wrong I'm over it
don't get me wrong I'm all for it

The beast inside (I have no doubts)
the bird would fly (if you let it out)
timing is nothing with no time to spare, when forcing fake smiles in poisonous air

I'm seeing shadows of my self
running around inside a cell
looks like it's begging me for help
with no patience, on my own script
stuck hesitating cause I couldn't take a hint
imaginations well designed
such a shame it didn't meet the Deadline
Track Name: Peasants
Failure to me is 40 hours a week
supporting the people I won't get to see
escaping through movies and books without a thought to notice why
the things that entice us are always bigger than our lives
this makes us happy, so why do we stay a slave to common grind
we clearly create peace, but only let it exist in our minds

It's faithless, ill, and contagious
the monster clawing at the thread
the cards stacked
enough said
I'll have to make you trust me
but I'm stuck
I'm upset anyway and outta luck
just can’t adjust
even if my way is a swift disaster

You work so hard for the weekend
the lost sleep turns into thinking
this can only be temporary
all the weights too much to carry

I'm an untamed animal and I'm lawless
your social pyramid is not my compass